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Pete has worked in the Photo industry for 30 years. most recently for one of the major photo imaging companies and was deeply involved in the change over from conventional silver halide (film) systems to digital imaging services. He started sailing on dinghys on a lake in North London graduating to our own dinghy which we trailed and sailed all over the UK, before moving to larger yachts. he has sailed most of the southern & eastern UK coast. Whilst also visiting to Holland, France, Belgium, & Spaiin by sail . Now with Argonauta we plan to exstend the cruising area and explore further.



Hi there,

My name is Jackie and I am wife of Pete and fellow sailor of yacht Argonauta.
So my background- well definitely a landlubber and so not from a sailing family.
The first time I sailed was after being badgered by Pete to 'join in the fun' and 'have a go'. This was followed by several cries of I want a boat, whereby we bought our first dingy. Then I want a bigger boat- along came our first yacht a 28 footer only to start I want a bigger boat AND to sail the med, Atlantic and who knows what else!!
After trying to ignore the pleas I gave in, found it is not all so bad and having 'got my head around it' I can't wait to leave and start the 'big trip'.
So what else about me. I am a nurse and spent 14 years as an A&E sister - useful on board a boat but not so great if I need the assistance! I then branched out into children's nursing , specialist learning disability care and lately management of nursing homes for up to 120 people. I have sailed on short trips, longer holidays and have 'done Biscay' although we were lucky and the weather Gods were kind to us.
I have no doubt there will be many great times as we wend our way around the Med as well as many trying times as weather becomes our biggest foe. Whatever it brings  I know we have the strength as a couple to work together, scream and shout at each other, slam doors and come out with a stronger relationship and some amazing experiences that will last a lifetime.

PJ Bear

The quietest member of the crew who is always ready to listen and return a hug!
Not the best at pulling in the ropes, setting sails or cooking but definately the least expensive to keep. He never complains when the going gets rough and we have never seen him sea sick. 


Visiting Crew.

Details to follow

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