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What route are we planning?

We plan to leave the. UK in early June 2012 and cross directly across biscay to Northern Spain stopping in at Bayona. Form there we will coast hop down the Portuguese coast, stopping at various ports till we get to Gibraltar- and the entrance to the Mediterranean. We plan to stop here a short while whilst family fly and visit.

On entering the med we will sail up the Spanish coast as far north as Valencia here we will take a small break from our travels whilst we go travelling as a friend is getting married in Cyprus, so we will leave the boat for a while and Fly to Cyprus for a week to take part in the celebrations. On our return to Valencia we plan to cross to the Baliarics and explore the Islands.

From the Baliarics we will cross to Sardinia exploring the coast and then head north to Corsica before crossing to the Italian Mainland and heading South. We hope to explore Rome as we coast hop down the coast. Before arriving at Capri then Scilly having explored this fascinating Islands of the Mediterranean we will head south to another hopefully spending Christmas and seeing in the new year in Malta. After a small break, doing basic boat maintenance, we will leave for Italy's heel, before heading up the Adriatc. Initially heading noth on the Italian coast getting to venice in time for Carnival season before once again heading south this time through Croatia and then Montenegro then heading into Greece and Argonauta's spiritual waters.

We hope to spend some time exploring the greek islands before heading for the Turkish mainland. Working our way west we will eventually turn south to Cyprus. (The second time on this trip) though this time with the boat. We will head further south to Alexandra in Egypt and may take a excursion inland to see the pyramids.

Once back on the boat we will head north west and visit the Mediterranean's third largest island Crete. From there via a quick stop over again in Malta, we will head for Tunisia heading west to Morocco and Algeria before restocking in Gibraltar for our first foray into the Atlantic proper.

We will head to Maderia and having sampled the wine continue south to the Canaries.

In the Canaries we then prepare for the 'Big one' the trip across the Atlantic!!! This will be done in conjunction with an organisation called the ARC (Atlantic for Cruisers) we will join approximately 250 boats of various sizes for a trip across the atlantic to the Caribbean, St Lucia to be precise. Hopefully arriving early in December we should have time to sleep off our tiredness after the trip before Christmas and hopefully being joined by family to spend a very different Yuletide on the beach.

We will then spend about 6 months working our way through the different Carebean islands before arriving in the USA, so leaving before the Hurricane season is due.

Heading north we will eventually arrive at New York and another Photo opportunity of Argonauta sailing past the statue of liberty. As the autumn sets in we plan to head south again, this time for Bermuda where we will spend a third Christmas, before heading back across the big pond. We will spend some time in the Azores before finally arriving back in Europe and the end of our epic adventure.

All times are provisional and are not cast in concrete- something we are' trying to get away from'

The passages across the Atlantic will be done in conjunction with additional crew for safety and moral support.

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